Indulge in some high-speed kart racing with Wacky Motors. It’s wacky!

Wacky Motors is an iOS racing game that features a guy who looks a lot like Yu-Gi-Oh. Unfortunately, Wacky Motors doesn’t let you throw Trap Cards at your rivals (though smiting bad drivers with the spirits of ancient dragons is certainly a compelling idea), but fans of the Mario Kart franchise will find a lot to love about GREE’s new kart racer.

 Much like Mario Kart, Wacky Motors isn’t about precision and careful driving so much as it’s about lobbing dangerous objects at your rivals’ heads whenever they have the gall to pass you. You command several weapons that are capable of slowing down other racers, or rolling them over entirely (“Psyche!”). 

You can also customize your kart by picking up parts. Want speed? It’s yours. Want performance? Sure. Just want an awesome-looking kart that will make all the other racers totally jealous? Go for it.

 Wacky Motors features tilt controls, which makes it an accessible and intuitive racing game. When you’re confident that you can whip every slow-moving grandma on the road, you can go online and race against others who will probably prove you wrong in record time.

Wacky Motors

Wacky Motors

 Wacky Motors is coming to the App Store soon, so buckle up and obey the rules of the road—ha ha, just kidding. Put the pedal to the metal and wreck everything.