Now I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no. We just met, and I’d like to stay friends for a little while. But seriously folks, I am in fact making a post about Twitter. Because far from being the hub for finding out what sandwich your favorite celebrity just ate, the micro-blogging platform has exploded into a place to keep in touch with relevant news from a personal angle.

With over 140 million users actively tweeting every day, there’s (statistically) a good chance you’re one of them! And like discovering new music, I find there’s real excitement in stumbling upon strong, intelligent voices to listen to – one tiny snippet at a time. Since you come here to find out about the best in gaming, though, I promise I’ll keep it relevant. Without further adieu, here are 10 figures in the gaming world you need to be following. 


Jim Sterling (@ JimSterling) – Often hilarious, frequently not safe for work, and always brutally honest, Jim Sterling is Destructoid‘s Reviews Editor, and game journalist at large for outlets like Game Front and The Escapist. As celebrated as he is reviled, Jim is someone whose content often cuts through the monotony of rewritten press releases and gives you something substantial to chew on. You may not always agree with his opinions, but he’s a refreshing voice who will ensure you’ll have something to say about what he thinks. Bonus points for his obscene sense of humor.

Oh, that tweet is so Jim: “Planning a new comment system for Dtoid in which you tattoo your comments on peanuts using very tiny needles and microscopes.”


Rocketcat Games (@ rocketcatgames) – In an environment where big companies like Nintendo or Sony have each tweet and public thought vetted through PR wranglers (I’m even looking at you, Kevin Butler!), smaller teams are often the best way to get some insider perspective. With Rocketcat Games (whose feed is run by team member Kepa Auwae), you’ll find just that. 

Between candid opinions on free-to-play and cloning (they love them both), and thoughts on the indie scene (they hate the term altogether), following the threads of their conversations will link you to great ideas, and the developers that have them. Bonus points the way they tease previews of their awesome upcoming titles.

Oh, that tweet is so Rocketcat: “Hey is Lord of the Rings public domain, I was thinking about making a game where you’re Tom Bombadil. Enemies, items: also all Tom Bombadil.”


Swery (@ Swery65): Lead designer of such iconic kitsch as Deadly Premonition, Swery (taken from his last name: Hidetaka Suehiro) is perhaps the biggest oddball on this list; also? the most loveable. Follow him for a slew of pictures letting fans inside his day-to-day – and his head. He may not always appear to make sense, and a few things get lost in translation, but Swery will keep you amused… or at least bemused. Bonus points for following many of his fans back and replying to tons of tweets. 

Oh, that tweet is so Swery: “Wow. It’ s party time. But no problem, I knew kong-Fu. Haha, RT @Brauhaus The matrix has found you!”


Simon Flesser (@ simonflesser – The only European entry on our list, Simon is the more talkative half of the lovely two-man studio Simogo Games (Beat Sneak Bandit). More than a lot of the Twitter feeds I’ve seen, Simon’s will give you an insight into the creative process behind conceptualizing and crafting a game. And with Simogo’s titles being some of the most beautiful art I’ve seen, you’ll be happy to know Simon often treats people to screenshots, sound files, and concept art to pore over and download. Bonus points for his appreciation for smile-inducing games, and a love of retro goodness.

Oh, that tweet is so Simon: “So if one decided to print a few of these, do you think one would be able to sell, like, 100 of them? And where?”


Polygon (@ Polygon): The official twitter of the new supersite formed of the Voltron of games journalism (Justin McElroy, Brian Crecente, Chris Grant, and tons more), @Polygon is your bite-sized hub for some of the best long-form pieces you’ll ever read. Delving into the story behind the story, the writers at Polygon frequently investigate the personal tales that form the backbone of some of gaming’s biggest releases, littlest gems, and most interesting moments. All wrapped in magazine-worthy layouts. Bonus points for frequent giveaways!

Oh, that tweet is so Polygon: We delve into one of the greatest indie games ever made, Spelunky.


Ian and David Marsh (@ eeen & @ NimbleDave): Is it cheating to add two people to a list of six? Maybe. Is it rude to include the brothers Marsh as one entry just because they’re twins? Perhaps. And yet as their matching Bitizen icons suggest, it’s sort of a package deal. The family duo behind indie powerhouse Nimblebit (and creator of our latest obsession Pocket Planes) both bring something follow-worthy to the table. 

Ian tweets more often and is great at interacting with fans to answer questions and comment on screenshots. Dave will often share a link to something worth reading, watching, or finding out about in the world of games. Both have a great sense of humor, and extremely strong relationships in the games writing and making communities. Track their conversations to find your way to the who’s who of awesome in this industry. Bonus points for those amazing icons. 

Oh, that tweet is Ian&Dave: “Launch day rush! Already tracking issues and planning the first update for Pocket Planes.” (Retweeted by Ian. See what we did there!?)

And while it goes without saying, I may as well say it while we’re on the subject of Twitter! Be sure to follow Gamezebo for news, reviews, tons of features just like this, and our opinions on all things gaming. Let us know what you think about anything! We try to get to every tweep!