Most developers like to be on as many platforms as possible, but doing so isn’t always a feasible endeavor. There’s a need for money and resources, along with the concern that the port won’t perform well enough to provide any sort of return. It’s a dicey situation, and one that MoMinis, a mobile game firm, is looking to assist in. If you’ve developed a game for PC or another platform, they’re looking to aid you with bringing it to smartphones and tablets.

For the companies who sign with them, MoMinis will leverage its development studio, 25 million worldwide users, and in-game analytics system to develop, publish and monetize the port of the game in question. It’s something they have plenty of experience doing, with Big Fish Game’s PC title Pets Fun House being one of the more notable beneficiaries.

MoMinis intends to add 20 new companies to this collaboration program by the end of the year, including Arkadium, who is known for developing Mahjongg-Dimensions. It seems like a simplified way for studios that lack the resources or time required to port their previous works, not to mention a service that will benefit consumers quite a bit. There’s nothing worse than wanting a game and it not releasing on the platform you own. 

Interested developers can learn more about the Collaboration Program at