Cloudy with a chance of delicious

I can’t speak from experience (yet), but there’s probably some kind of catharsis in dropping hot dogs on the heads of random people. Not only are you providing them with a meal, but you’re placing it somewhere that enables them to keep their hands free. Such ingenuity is exactly what you’ll encounter in Heads Up! Hot Dogs for iOS, a retro-inspired game with one of the strangest premises we’ve seen.


Despite its abstract concept, there is in fact a goal in the game: Drop the hot dogs, bagels and other foods safely onto the heads of people walking the street. If they make contact with the ground, you’ve made a grave mistake of which I’m not sure what the consequences are. But they’re probably pretty intense.

With a soundtrack by Knife City and Space Boyfriend, Heads up! Hot Dogs’ retro appeal will extend beyond just its pixilated appearance. If the snippet playing over the trailer is anything to go by, there’s a distinct possibility we’ll all have to fight the urge to dance when playing the game in public. My advice would be to throw caution to the wind and dance your little heart out, but there’s also a reason people don’t like to take me places.

The game was created by Diego Garcia and Emmett Butler, the duo who brought us the Peter Molydeux-inspired Dokideux Panikku in the past. They know what it takes to make a weird game, and we’re the ones who shall reap the benefits of that.

Arriving sometime in the fall of this year, Heads Up! Hot Dogs will provide all of us with a new thing to worry about when we leave our homes. I can do rain and hail just fine, but seeing a bunch of delicious hot dogs land in mud and concrete would be the most depressing thing in the world. I imagine it would be a little something like this.