Raise your voice in this unique social game from Pocket Gems

Maybe you’ve noticed that the developed world’s favorite pastime is yakking on cellphones, especially in public areas. Well, great ready for plenty more chatter! Pocket Gems is getting ready to release a voice-activated smartphone game for iOS and Android called All Talk.

All Talk is a unique guessing game that requires you to record specific clues and send them to the other player. Sure, that equals even more people talking beside you on the bus, but at least they’ll be having fun instead of arguing with their significant other.

All Talk     All Talk

All Talk plays quite a bit like Hasbro’s hit guessing game Taboo. Your opponent must guess at a word—”sugar,” for example—and you use your phone to record and send a 30-second clue about what that word actually is. However, you’re restricted from using obvious descriptors, like “cane” or “sweet.”

All Talk features different difficulty levels, and you can play with friends or perfect strangers who will nevertheless be happy to hear your sweet voice. It’s an interesting idea for a mobile game, and definitely a change of pace for Pocket Gems, a studio that typically releases cutesy social games like Tap Dragon Park and Tap Paradise Cove.

All Talk will be coming out in mid-July, and man, it likes to talk, so you might want to put some coffee on the stove.