Bring Danger with you wherever you go

If you own a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, you have no reason not to own the spectacular indie title Joe Danger. One part Trials and one part Excitebike, the budget downloadable title combined balance, tricks, racing, and exploration into one adorable and colorful world. And now, with Hello Games’ announcement of Joe Danger Touch!, you now have no excuse not to own a part of the Joe Danger experience.

From what we can see of the title so far, everything seems to live up to the console standards. The same crisp 3D visuals transfer to iOS perfectly, and many of the original gameplay elements (such as collecting letters and racing) remain intact. However, Hello Games is quick to ensure that Joe Danger Touch! will be anything but a butchered console clone.

Joe Danger Touch!

“This is a very different Joe Danger experience. It’s a completely new game, with entirely unique mechanics. This isn’t a dumbed down version, it’s stays true to the core arcade ideas of the original, with the same lovely aesthetics, solid framerate and tight controls. It’s a console quality game in your hands,” said Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games.

Joe Danger Touch!

The new version boasts touch controls aimed to keep commands as precise as the console games. A flick of the finger puts Joe in a wheelie, a tap creates crouches and jumps, and waggling allows you to … fight with sharks. Did we mention that this is a really special series?

If you’re looking for a gorgeous game with a fantastic pedigree, Joe Danger Touch! already looks like a fantastic addition to the iOS library. The only downside we can see is that the release date of “Sometime in 2012” is just too vague. Hopefully, we’ll all be flipping through the air on our mobile devices soon.