When you think “splash,” what comes to mind? Pandas? They will now!

It’s summertime! You know what you should do to celebrate? You should drag your inflatable pool out of storage, fill it with water, and jump right in—oh, you can’t swim? And you’re capable of drowning in three inches of water, huh?…well, maybe you should just settle down to a game of Splash for iOS. Its water physics alone are refreshing to look at, and hey! It stars an adorable panda bear!


In Splash, you take control of a behatted panda that seeks to corral his lost rubber duckies back into their kiddie pool (there cannot be a water-based iOS game without the presence of rubber duckies. It was written into law with the release of Where’s My Water?). To accomplish this, you capture the wayward ducks in a bubble, and then utilize water physics in various ways to move around and restore the ducks to their pond. You can, for instance, use your bubble to suck up puddles, and then emit jets of water to scuttle to and fro.

Not surprisingly, there are traps galore to mess up your attempts at restoring the ducks to their proper home. Spike traps are everywhere (bubbles and sharp things don’t mix), and jets of flame will evaporate your bubble in an instant.


Splash is set to hit the App Store on July 5th, and,with any luck, that will be just when your weather gets much hotter. It’s not as much fun to go splish-splashing around in the wintertime.