The Three Little Pigs slammed the door in your face. Now it’s payback time.

So there are these three pigs, right, and this one wolf with a hankering for bacon. The wolf says to the pig in the straw house, “Lemme in,” and the pig says “Nuh-uh, homeslice,” so the wolf blows down his house and gobbles him up. Ditto for the pig who built his house with pretzel sticks or whatever. Then the wolf says to the pig living in the brick house, “Let me in,” and that pig says, “Nope.avi.” So the wolf jumps in his bulldozer and flattens the house, along with the rest of Pigville. What, you’ve never heard that ending? Well, you can act it out with Wolfdozer for iOS.


Wolfdozer is, according to its developers at Anomalous Interactive, “GTA meets the three little pigs.” With a game description like that, how can you possibly lose? Wolfdozer‘s pixel-based top-down graphics even pay tribute to the spirit of the GTA franchise before it went 3D.

Wolfdozer is easy to play, too. Simply help Mr Wolf drive around downtown Pigsville and wreak mayhem before the cops catch him (and presumably execute him by throwing him into a pot of boiling water).

But there’s more to epic destruction than simply turning piglets into ham steaks. You can upgrade your equipment and discover more ways to get payback on the pigs for giving you lip about their chinny-chin-chins.


Wolfdozer arrives in the App Store sometime in the third quarter of 2012. If you want to buy it, you’ll have to huff, and puff, and—open up iTunes.