Yello the fish makes a potentially futile break for freedom in Chasing Yello

Run, fishy, run. Leap that log, forget the sun. Chasing Yello is and endless runner game for iOS that grants a small fish named Yello the opportunity to escape his overzealous owner, Mathilda, by way of a local wild creek. Yello’s freedom is hard-won, though. There are hazards galore in wild, and worst of all, Mathilda has a boat and a net.

As soon as Yello leaps into the wild waters of his native home, he begins to thrash upstream. You control his actions by tilting your iOS device and swiping the screen. Prepare to help Yello dodge logs, rocks, fires (yes, fire on the water—what’s in this creek, anyway?), hungry barracudas, and, of course, Mathilda’s poisonous love. Make sure you collect as many stars as possible on your journey, too: they’re necessary for unlocking power-ups and new stages.

The levels in Chasing Yello never offer up the same experience twice in a row, so sharp reflexes are everything. If you do well, feel free to inflate your ego like a puffer fish’s belly and post your scores to Twitter, Game Center, and Facebook.

Chasing Yello is coming to the App Store on June 28. Looking to pass some time while you wait? Be sure to check out Yello and Mathilda’s first App Store outing Saving Yello.

Get ready to put your reflexes to the ultimate test, and for all that’s good and holy, someone make sure that Mathilda never gets the opportunity to adopt a puppy.