The chickens are coming, and they want your corn

The catalyst for Armageddon won’t be a final struggle for resources, or a battle for power, or even an epic Heavy Metal-grade showdown between Good and Evil. It will be the war that inevitably ensues when chickens from space invade Earth to harvest America’s most lucrative crop: corn. There is one final line of defense between the chickens and Earth, and you can take command of it in Chicken Doom for iOS.

Chicken Doom is a defense game that takes place on a planet called Biggy World. The planet is populated by the Biggies, a family of hunter-farmers who have raised up a fine crop of corn. Evil chickens with bottomless stomachs covet the golden foodstuffs, however, and swoop in on the Biggies’ farm. Thus begins the long war between pseudo-man and chicken.

You can play Chicken Doom as either Biggy or his mate, Biguette. You need to defend your stash of corn through six levels filled with ten kinds of enemies. You can equip yourself with a large cache of weapons, though, and you can mix power-ups, weapons, and upgrades to make highly awesome and highly effective combinations.

Chicken Doom

Can’t choose between Biggy or Biguette? Then tuck in cheek-to-cheek on the iPad and play with a buddy in Chicken Doom‘s two player mode. Making war is perfect for a first date.

Chicken Doom hits the App Store on June 28. Anyone else craving KFC?