Bite-sized meat with a full-size taste

If you haven’t played Team Meat’s Super Meat Boy, you don’t know the definition of pain. The 2010 platformer was covered with enough spikes, traps, and reflex-based obstacles to leave even the most hardcore gamers in tears. The original game required input so precise that even the PC version of the game pleaded for playing it with a connected controller.

So, when talk of a Super Meat Boy port began to surface, gamers began to fear for poorly implemented iOS touch screen buttons. While we’re sure that this touch-based control scheme could become an even more difficult challenge to master, Team Meat had a better idea: Super Meat Boy: The Game for iOS.

 The Game

This new version won’t be a port, but rather a unique game catered specifically to touch devices. Introduced as a “brand new game with new art, new sound, everything,” Super Meat Boy: The Game aims to bring the challenge of the past titles without the need for level memorization.

Edmund McMillen, creator of the title, has reported to Polygon that gamers can expect “something like Canabalt“. He’s also posted on his blog that the game’s “[will be anything but] bite sized, [and] its content will rival the original”.

 The Game

As a very verbal speaker against many iOS practices (such as freemium, ports, and touch-based controls), it’ll be interesting to see what Team Meat can add to the platform. “We want to make a game that WE would love to see on the platform, a feature-length reflex-driven platformer with solid controls”.

While there isn’t a set release date for Super Meat Boy: The Game yet, we know that Team Meat won’t release anything until they’re confident they’ve created a quality iOS product.