When genres collide

Social games do a lot of things right, but I think we can all agree a stronger emphasis on compelling storylines would do wonders for the genre at large. The upcoming Tynon, a mutt of a game featuring RPG, sim, action, and social elements, plans to take that step forward, providing players with a truly story-driven experience.

A dark wizard has placed the king under a spell, and it’s up to you to rescue him and save the thirteen kingdoms he reigned over in the process. As tends to be the case with dark magic, there are plenty of side effects the player needs to account for, such as goblins roaming the land and serpent queens attacking the city. Wizards are huge jerks, basically.

Beyond just keeping the bad guys at bay, players must also assist in rebuilding the Imperial City. You can enlist the help of friends from Facebook and other social networks to speed along the process, not to mention gain valuable resources by visiting their towns. Despite the inclusion of social elements here, Tynon aims to be a mostly single-player experience.



In true RPG fashion, players will be in charge of customizing their team of heroes, equipping them with various weapons, pieces of armor, and more. This ability will be especially crucial, in light of the game’s wealth of unique quests for players to embark on. What works on the goblins may not be as effective on the serpent queen, you know.

I realize protecting and rebuilding a land is quite the tall order, but I’m sure we’ll all get by with a little help from our friends. Actually I just really wanted to get that song stuck in your head. If I tell you that Tynon will arrive this summer, playable via web browser, will you forgive me?

I hope.