Make gateways, not war

In the world of video games, a single good mechanic can become a hotbed of inspiration and innovation for developers. The portal gun from Portal 1 and 2 is a fine example, with more than a few games attempting to straight up copy it or do something more unique. Gateways falls into the latter camp, shifting gears to a 2D setting and throwing in different-powered “gateways” along with other standout features.

I don’t want to perform a disservice to Gateways by constantly comparing it to Portal, but I will at least say it looks to be to Portal what Terraria is to Minecraft: A 2D game with a similar concept, and one that manages to do more than enough to stand on its own. For example, players will acquire a gun that creates two different-sized gateways, the passage through which shrinks the main character to half his size. If you journey through them the opposite way, you grow twice your size.

There’s also a gun that creates gateways linked to time, meaning you can come across past versions of yourself, ostensibly to use them in the solving of puzzles. If that doesn’t manage to bend your mind, perhaps the gun that manipulates gravity in your favor, allowing you to walk on walls and roofs, will. Well, is your mind bent? It better be.



All of this gun action will take place betwixt classic platforming action, including (but not limited to) jumping on the heads of enemies and dodging spikes. Even when you’ve an all-powerful portal gun at your disposal, spikes are a serious concern. There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere.

The game will be hitting Windows and the Indie Games section of Xbox Live on June 22. You can also preorder the Windows version by purchasing the current beta build for $10, available here. If you’re a little unsure, there’s also a free demo available at the same link. Be warned, though: I hear that demo is a total gateway to wanting to purchase the whole game.

And the award for worst pun ever goes to…