It’s summer, school’s out, and it’s time to play some games to your heart’s content. Indie bundles have been rolling in at full force: with Humble Bundle, Indie Royale, and indiegogo throwing in some great opportunities to get games for cheap. We’re happy to announce that the bundle party isn’t over, and Gamersgate is adding to the pile with indieFort bundle #2.

At the price of just a dollar per game, this is another fantastic indie games bundle that shouldn’t be missed. Check out the line-up below:

  • 3079– The alleged lovechild of Minecraft and Fallout, a first-person role playing game with randomly generated buildings, items, and quests.
  • Fortix 2 – The quirky “fence off” defense title that earned 4/5 stars here at Gamezebo.
  • Aztaka – The MetroidVania– style sidescroller adventure inspired by the ancient Aztec legend (With another 4/5 star review here!).
  • Dark Scavenger – A quirky twist on point-and-click RPG adventures (and once again, another 4/5 star review).
  • DEMISE: Ascension – A single and multi-player legacy-style RPG with enormous dungeons, quests, and items. Normally a $32.50 value!
  • Intrusion 2 – an sci-fi action platformer inspired by classic 16-bit sidescrollers, combined with modern physics and animation.

Aside from getting six great games for a dollar, every cent you decide to donate beyond the asking price will go directly to the developers. In addition, there are plenty more surprises and unlocks waiting if the bundle sees enough downloads.

Just like Einstein once said: “Only two things are infinite: the universe and ways to pick up great indie games for cheap, and I’m not sure about the former”. All right, we might be taking a couple liberties with that quote, but it sure feels like it’s true this summer.