Breed a colorful world of emotional fish in Fish With Attitude

Have you ever met a fish with attitude? We all have at one point, typically at a seafood restaurant where a rogue tuna steak decides, “Heck no, you ain’t digesting me,” and haunts you three hours later with a vengeance. If you’re up for another round with sneering seafood, Crowdstar has a new animal-breeding game for iOS called Fish With Attitude. These fish interact with each other, exhibit different personalities, and best of all, you don’t have to ingest them!

Fish with Attitude Fish with Attitude

Brought to you by the same company responsible for Happy Aquarium on Facebook, Fish With Attitude is populated by all kinds of different fish who need your love and attention to thrive. The fishies all exhibit different attitudes, from happy to mean, to nerdy to flirty, and, notsurprisingly, sometimes those personalities clash.

Regardless, you must do what you can to make sure everybody lives in peace and harmony. You can gift fish with their favorite toys to make them more agreeable, and you can all go treasure hunting together to dig up rare items and prizes.

An underpopulated aquarium is a sad thing, though, so you want to make sure yours serves as a home to schools of happy (and squabbling) seafood. When the time is right, you can pair off fishies to breed new, and potentially rare, babies. Aw. Fecundity smells like fish ‘n’ chips.

Fish with Attitude Fish with Attitude

Already live in the Canadian App Store, we’re hoping to see Fish With Attitude hit worldwide soon, so put on your lucky hat and grab your tackle box—er, no, no, actually, you should probably put that stuff away.