Pockie Ninja II Social has ninjas in it, so it’s bound to be good!

Another super social Facebook game is on its way This one even has the word social in its title! But Pockie Ninja II Social also brings a touch of hardcore gaming to your friends list. This isn’t Farmville – it’s a tactical strategy RPG.

Pockie Ninja II Social takes its inspiration from the popular anime series Naruto. You may notice the iconic metal headbands in some of these screenshots. Fans of the show will be able to interact with their favorite characters. And for everyone else, who cares? There are ninjas!

Pockie Ninja II Social gives you the chance to settle and manage your own ninja village. It’s your job as ninja king to foster a productive economy and recruit other ninjas for your fearless ninja army. These ninjas can belong to three different classes. Taijutsu have lots of life and do moderate damage. Ninja Tool lack attack power, but are fast and can attack from afar. Ninjutsu… ninjutsu are the badasses on the battlefield.

Pockie Ninja II Social

When you decide to attack other villages, or when it’s time to defend your own, you’re put in command of your Taijutsu, Ninja Tool, and Ninjutsu soldiers. Battles take place on a grid similar to a chess board, but instead of boring old knights and rooks, you have, of course, awesome ninjas. Like any good strategy game, the key to success isn’t just having the strongest fighters. Using the right combination of ninjas and employing their special moves at the right moment is that will win the day.

Keep an eye out for Pockie Ninja II Social on Facebook by the end of the Summer. The closed Beta begins in July. Until then, you can always go watch Naruto (or Ninja Scroll if you’re over the age of 18).