The fight goes on: Capcom confirms Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile

Capcom has a really weird history when it comes to porting titles to mobile. For unknown reasons, it’s unable to emulate past titles well (see Mega Man X and Marvel vs. Capcom 2), but its modern ports have been solid (see Street Fighter IV Volt). Luckily, Capcom’s new Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile looks to be taking lessons from the latter camp.

The build, which was secretly available in Capcom’s press booth at this year’s E3, seems to be adhering very closely to the Street Fighter IV Volt formula, and we couldn’t be happier. The demo featured Ryu and Chun Li from Street Fighter staring down the Tekken familiars Kazuya and Nina.

While it’s currently uncertain how many characters from the original console roster will be available, that’ll be a big question for the game as a whole: how much like the console versions will it be?

Gameplay-wise, all of the technical feedback and move sets seem spot-on with the original title. But what about DLC? There was a slew of problems between the original console release, which ended up delivering several extra characters to the PS3 versions, while the Xbox title had them locked behind on-disk DLC. Fans looking to play through the full roster of the console versions will have to keep their fingers crossed.

Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile

While touch-screen controls aren’t suite for everyone, we can let you know this much: if you liked Street Fighter IV Volt, Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile is just the modern fighter port you’ve been looking for. Expected time to start duking it out? Capcom says to expect a release later this Summer.