Fight for the galaxy’s fate with Sci-Fi Heroes

We don’t really know what awaits us when we finally achieve the means to reach a galaxy far, far away, but here’s what we can count on: there will still be jerks, bullies, and mean people. Thankfully, Majesco’s upcoming iOS RPG, Sci-Fi Heroes, lets players visit a faraway universe and spread some peace and love—with the aid of guns, guns, guns.

In Sci-Fi Heroes, an evil empire has taken over the universe, and you need to help take it back. You lead a team of combat-ready heroes through 40 levels stretched across four planets, and each territory is saturated with waves of enemies that crash against you over and over. You have your pick of leaders, including a space marine (for a +9 in muscles and grimacing), a space cowboy, a priest, and even a “healbot.”

As you play through the game’s story, your team learns new skills, finds new items, and forages for fuel, money, and loot. Sci-Fi Heroes has a social element as well: you can invite friends to fight along with you in “Social Raids,” or aid you with completing quests. You can reward your buddies with rare items for a job well done, or just because you’re a well guy/gal. And when you’re seized with the desire to blow off responsibility for a while, you can fight for high scores and loot in the Arena.

Sci-Fi Heroes

Sci-Fi Heroes

Sci-Fi Heroes is coming to iOS this summer, so stand by for your chance to save the universe. If you’re successful, maybe you’ll get your profile minted onto a commemorative space-coin.