With hundreds of thousands of players eager to fill their board and win money and prizes, it was only a matter of time before Ryzing pulled the attention of other companies. Today, RockYou announced that it is acquiring Ryzing, LLC, best known for their popular Bingo by Ryzing title.

Known for it’s real-money and real-prizes rewards-based gaming, the title grabs over 75,000 daily users (as well as 4 ½ stars here at Gamezebo!).

“RockYou is a media company at heart, focused on driving the highest value per engagement in social games,” said Lisa Marino, CEO of RockYou. “With this acquisition we become a unique social media company that combines a rewards-based gaming platform with our existing robust ad monetization solutions.”

This announcement isn’t out of the blue, however. At the beginning of this year, Ryzing worked with RockYou’s publishing arm in order to help grow and develop Bingo by Ryzing. As far back as February, you could already tell that Ryzing and RockYou were getting along just fine in our interview.

With Bingo by Ryzing growing in popularity, it’ll be interesting to see how social games progress toward real-life social gambling. Ryzing’s title comes very close to blurring the line between playing for fun and playing for real money, and that’s one of the largest factors in why it’s grown so immensely popular.

We’ve speculated on law changes permitting online social gambling in the past, and it’ll be very interesting to see how things develop in the future. In the meantime, RockYou and Ryzing’s partnership is proof that even a little money and prize-based online social gaming can pull a huge audience.