The timeless battle between mutants and vehicles continues.

There are people out there who see no problem in cooking roadkill. Hey, maybe you’re one of them! I’m certainly not judging. But I have to imagine even people like that have their limits, and that those limits begin at the word “mutant.” If that isn’t the case, then they’re going to have a field day with Glu’s upcoming Mutant Roadkill for iOS.

Much like the great works of William Shakespeare, Mutant Roadkill places you in an apocalyptic wasteland littered with mutants. The more diplomatic of us may at first think, “hey, I bet if I talked to them they’d stop their vicious ways.” Unfortunately, my optimistic friends, that is far from the case. These mutants need to be dealt with, and the only possible option is to run them over without remorse.

Mutant Roadkill Mutant Roadkill

Although your vehicle will serve as your main weapon, a variety of power-ups — nitro boosts and electro shocks, to name a few — will further contribute to your mutant-destroying efforts. Utilizing these and destroying as many mutants as you can will net you stars and gold, which in turn can be used to purchase better cars and more power-ups.

For the more competitive amongst us, Game Center leaderboards will provide constant reminders of whether or not your friends are faring better than you. These leaderboards will also share your placement in the game worldwide, which is exactly the information you’ll need if you want to become the greatest mutant killer in the world. There’s no plaque or trophy in it, but neither of them compare to a deep sense of accomplishment, anyway.

We’ve not been provided a release date yet, but I suspect we’ll be running over mutants here in the near future. After all, the sooner we get to work on solving this problem, the faster than we can go back to leading normal lives.

It’ll be great to laugh again, once the war against mutants comes to a close.