Because sometimes copious amounts of bullets just don’t cut it

It is with open arms that I welcome any and all shake-ups to the concept of zombie destruction. It’s not so much that I’m burned out on running around and shooting the undead — I can just tell we’re on the verge of over-saturation. That’s why I’m happy with the route that developer Glu is taking with Gears & Guts, offering players the chance to take down those brain-eating fiends with the help of different vehicles.

Powerful weapons and massive environments are the game’s bread and butter. Things like saws and good old-fashioned guns add a much-needed boost to your car’s zombie-killing abilities. But don’t let that stop you from just running them over. It’s what makes the game stand out, and I’m pretty sure it will be ridiculously cathartic.

Gears & Guts

Speaking of vehicles, you’ll have a variety of them to choose from, including sports cars, monster trucks and armored vehicles. I can see the obvious advantages of each one, but I imagine I’ll be rolling in a sports car at every given chance. Live life on the edge, right?

Not to be outdone, the zombies will come in a few different shapes as well. There’s The Walker, who is basically the quintessential kind of zombie; The Bruiser, a powerful brute with a thirst for your face; The Runner, a zombie who moves slower than the slowest of glaciers. Actually he runs, but I didn’t want you accurately predicting what I was going to say there. Take that!

A release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the game’s arrival on the Canadian App Store leads me to believe it isn’t too far away. And if it is, well, patience is a virtue. Just try to be like a zombie, calmly rapping against a door, calmly awaiting the arrival of delicious brains. Or a game, in this case.