Although they’ve been there since the launch of the games service for Google+, Wooga will be removing their games from the platform come July 1st. It should come as no surprise that a lack of users is the catalyst for the removal, a problem the social network has struggled with since day one.

To clarify, this announcement only pertains to Diamond Dash and Bubble Island, as Monster World has already been taken offline. The loss of these games will likely come as quite a blow to the platform, as it’s already struggling to offer the same quantity and quality of games found on Facebook. There’s also the issue of appealing to developers, who have to go where the money goes to stay afloat. Wooga is doing very well on Facebook, with their game Diamond Dash currently boasting 17.7 million monthly active users.

Of course, there are steps Google could take to cultivate a more compelling platform for developers. For starters, they could buff up the amount of social features and offer players the ability to do more than just invite others into games; something bold that serves as more than just a too-late attempt to catch up with Facebook. Until then, I wouldn’t be surprised to see other developers following in the footsteps of Wooga, focusing their efforts on platforms with a larger user-base.