Forgive me Gamezebo audience for I have sinned. It’s been a week since we last gave you all a look at the world of OfficeAttacks! With news about E3 coming at you from every corner of the site, however, we thought it would be best to give you a break for a week. You’ll be happy to know we used the time to toy around with some pretty great updates for the game. And definitely not to play Smash Bros. at the office. Definitely not.

When Gamezebo first previewed the game, they mentioned that our hero Steve had a little bit of mad scientist in him. Over the course of development, however, that “little bit” has grown, and the way we’re approaching towers has evolved. In OfficeAttacks, towers aren’t just tools. They’re made of them.


After you discover the first pieces of rigged up office equipment, we wanted you to feel like you had stumbled on to a secret world of experimentation, machinery, and creation. So we went all in on customization. Outside of the basic towers you’ll find as you play the first three or four levels, everything you use will be custom-built by you. We felt there was a huge opportunity in the genre to turn towers from things you simply place and leave alone, to living items that entertain you.

To do this, we designed over 15 different towers based around classic office equipment, and split them up into five separate pieces. As you play through the game, beat levels, get high scores, and most of the time, just boot up, you’ll earn you tons of different tower parts you can use to craft your own frankenstein tools of destruction.


At the same time, we realized the importance of designing for every type of player. Those who love the idea of placing their towers and letting them work. Those aren’t experienced at crafting things themselves. So with our tower creation system, we made things as simple as possible. Players will get notifications when unused parts are available to be combined. Menus will be crisp, and easy to understand. And stats. will only be as deep as you want them to be, with the ability to explore – or ignore!

At the end of the day, though, game design is becoming less and less about setting the rules and asking your players to follow them, and more increasingly about giving you the tools to make exciting experiences for yourself. This is something we don’t think has been done yet with tower defence, and we’re confident you’ll discover a mad scientist in you with OfficeAttacks.


Oh! What do you do with all those unwanted pieces? Well… that’s a story for another day…

In the mean time, be sure to follow the game’s development on twitter at @OfficeAttacks, and stay tuned to Gamezebo exclusively for more details about the game as it gets closer to release!