Gemibears is a match-3 game that features the world’s happiest bears

Maybe you’ve noticed, but life kind of sucks sometimes. It can be cruel, depressing, tedious, and terribly, terribly unfair. That’s why it’s so important for games like Piston’s Gemibears to exist on iOS. It’s a match-3 game featuring adorable bears, and that’s good enough, but said bears have such an infectious laugh that it’s hard not to smile along to their antics.

Gameplay-wise, Gemibears is easy to grasp. The game board is filled with mixed-up bears who are half one color, and half another. You must shift the bears around so that their sides match up. If you’re successful, the matched-up sides disappear, and new ones slide in. Match those up and lather, rinse, repeat until you earn a wicked score.

Gemibears is a cute twist on an old concept, but its protagonists might be what pushes the game into the must-play realm. Piston’s square-bodied teddy bears star in a couple of their own animated shorts. The videos introduce you to the different types of bears that are in the game, and gosh, they’re cute and easily amused—even when faced with their own mortality (loose threads are the teddy bear equivalent of the Black Plague). Piston’s already showing off an adorable line of Gemibears toys on its website.

Gemibears Gemibears

So the Gemibears themselves are cute, but what about their game? You’ll have to wait until June 20 to find out, when Gemibears hits the App Store. Ha ha ha! Heh heh heh! Hmm hmm hmm!