Puzzles, artifacts and romance hit Facebook with Puzzle Chasers

Konami has decided that Facebook games are missing three important elements: Romance, epic villainy, and jigsaw puzzles. The company has resolved to give us all three at once with Puzzle Chasers, a game that challenges you to assemble jigsaws. And don’t try forcing the pieces to fit: that never works well in real life, and it’s not bound to work in the virtual realm, either.

Puzzle Chasers features a choice between two gameplay modes, “Story” and “Blitz.” With the game’s Story mode, you follow two young adventurers named Blake and Roxy. When the world’s landmarks are turned into puzzle pieces by a sinister gentleman named Dimitri Forte, the duo re-builds human history one piece at a timeā€”and they still manage to find time to fall in love with each other.

In Puzzle Chasers‘ Blitz mode, players go ahead and fill up puzzles without the aid of the game’s story. You’ll just have to motivate yourself, somehow.

Puzzle Chasers

Puzzle Chasers

Facebook has puzzle games galore, of course, but online jigsaw puzzles aren’t something you see all that often in a genre that’s overwhelmed with block puzzles and Match-3 games. Puzzle Chasers looks like it might help you recall those lazy Sunday mornings you spent with your family, combing for the correct puzzle piece and then swearing when you inevitably found it under the couch. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Puzzle Chasers will be available for Facebook later this June.