In the wilds of space, even the cutest of aliens have to fight to survive

No matter the genre in question, there’s always room for a little cute. Which isn’t to downplay the importance of serious games: There’s a time and place for those. But sometimes you just want an excuse to say “aww”, and few games have provided better reason to do that than Galaxy Life for Facebook. Following in its adorable footsteps, developer Digital Chocolate has cooked up Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures, coming soon to an iOS device near you.

Much like a fox, the cuteness of the Galaxy Life games is only external. Underneath that cute is a pretty involved game, and now this comparison has gone down the tubes because foxes don’t have video games inside of them. Where were we? Players build up their own colonies and defend them from rivals, and successfully doing so requires a lot of strategy. It’s a style of gameplay that will feel right at home on iOS, with most actions requiring little more than a tap or swipe of the screen.

There’s more to Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures than just building and defending, though. More tenacious players will have the option of waging war against other planets, potentially earning some sweet new loot in the process. Such are the hoops that aliens must go through if they want to build the greatest colony of them all.

 Pocket Adventures

Winning in battle requires juggling a few different elements. First off, you’ve an army to prepare. There are 6 types of marines, 4 types of tanks, and 4 types of airships to choose from, all of which will provide the player with different advantages. The strategizing doesn’t stop there, though. There are also special attacks and power-ups you’ll be able to craft, along with turrets to help you in the defense department.

If you’re going to engage in warfare, you may as well look good while doing it. We praised the original Galaxy Life for its vibrant aesthetic, and Digital Chocolate plans to keep that gorgeous train rolling by taking advantage of the iPad and iPhone’s retina display. Going purely off screenshots, it’s shaping up to be one of the best-looking strategy games available on iOS. And, perhaps just as importantly, one of the cutest.

If there’s anything social features in games are good at, it’s enabling players to rub salt in the wounds of their enemies. Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures will offer such services, allowing players to tweet victories or share them on Facebook. And for those who would rather not brag, Facebook can alternatively be used to just locate or invite playing friends.

 Pocket Adventures

Roaming the galaxy is infinitely more exciting than roaming the feed of Facebook, which is why players will be able to rove from system to system, colonizing uninhabited planets and checking out what other players are up to in the game’s massive, persistent world. If you enjoy another player’s planet or just want to lull them into a false sense of security, you can add them as friends and speak with them via in-game messaging system.

If you’re a fan of space-based strategy (or simply all things adorable), Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures will release worldwide at the end of this month. That’s plenty of time to play the original on Facebook and acquaint yourself with the mechanics while you wait.