Tetris and Sudoku combine forces to cook your brain with KooZac

What do you get when you combine Tetris with Sudoku? “A time-munching beast that will never let you see your family again” is a good guess, but why not find out for yourself? Square Enix is bringing the hit number-based puzzler, KooZac, to iOS and Android, and it has been described as being inhumanly addictive.

KooZac KooZac

KooZac, previously released online, plays quite a bit like a traditional block puzzle game with a handful of numbers thrown in. You play by aligning falling blocks (each one branded with a number) so that their sum total is the same as a number that’s displayed on-screen. When you’ve made the correct total, the blocks disappear. The more blocks you use in a sum, the more points you score.

KooZac for iOS offers 60 levels of traditional play, as well as a competitive Endless Mode, and a Blitz Mode that challenges you to score as high as possible in one minute. You can compare your scores with other players online to determine who’s the best mathemagician of all time.

There’s no set release date for the mobile version of KooZac yet, but you can be sure that it’s lurking around the corner. It’s waiting to pounce, and claim your free time as its own.