Rule a kingdom and command an army in Kingdoms & Lords

Ruling a kingdom isn’t just about nurturing a prosperous land and making a better life for your citizens—actually, it’s nothing to do with that. No, ruling a kingdom is really all about who has the biggest army. Kingdoms & Lords, a battle/sim game for iOS and Android by Gameloft, challenges you to throw together an army and fight a war while still managing to keep your subjects happy. Can you do it?

You start off Kingdoms & Lords as a young Lord (or Lady) in charge of a small rural village. When barbarians invade and start doing barbaric stuff to the good land, you must respond by fortifying your village and building up your militia. Unfortunately, a wretched individual known as the Dark King has also chosen this inopportune moment to invade kingdoms, and you’re next on the menu.

In Kingdoms & Lords, you must manage your animals, crops, and resources to gain money and food. You also need to keep your troops in tip-top shape so that you can defend your village and attack your neighbors (come on, you knew it was simply a matter of time). You can form alliances with your friends, or you can stick swords in each other’s eyes to determine once and for all who has the better army.

Kingdoms & Lords

Kingdoms & Lords

Josh Wittenkeller, our man on the scene at E3, had a chance to visit with Gameloft and check out Kingdoms & Lords first hand. “They have kind of an intuitive, Final Fantasy-style combat system. It’s actually a lot deeper than I thought,” said Wittenkeller. “They say it’s even deeper than Men in Black 3, which just came out, and a lot of people like that.”

Kingdoms & Lords is coming to iOS and Android on June 7. Come play, my Lord.