Seventh time’s a charm!

It’s a common occurrence for a series to start looking a little long in the tooth come the fourth or fifth entry. It’s to be expected in an industry as fickle as ours, where maintaining any sort of relevancy is no easy feat. Now approaching the seventh entry in the Asphalt series, it’s clear Gameloft has their work cut out for them. From what’s been shown of it thus far, it looks like they’re plenty aware of that.

Featuring 60 cars from manufacturers as big as Audi and Lamborghini, Asphalt 7: Heat will have something for every flavor of car fanatic. If decked out cars from well-known companies aren’t your style, surely the inclusion of the DeLorean will have you excited. I’m guessing it won’t possess the ability to warp through time, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting that you’ll be able to race a piece of cinematic history against some of the world’s fastest cars.

Vehicles are exciting and all, but they’re only as good as the tracks they’re being raced on. Asphalt 7: Heat will feature fifteen of them, including areas like London, Miami, and Hawaii. These tracks will be playable in six different modes, providing a total of 150 races to speed through. I don’t know about you, but I intend to play all of them as the DeLorean. I don’t even care if I lose.


According to Gamezebo’s roving E3 reporter Josh Wittenkeller, who had a chance to go hands-on with Asphalt 7 earlier today, “the one thing they’ve really retooled was adding different social functions.” Expect Asphalt 7 to offer plenty of functionality through the “Asphalt Tracker”, a system that lets racers challenge friends, find new opponents, and compare stats and achievements.

I’m sure most fans of the racing genre would agree with me when I say that playing against others is one of the best parts about it. Asphalt 7: Heat will offer that option, featuring revamped online and local multiplayer modes. You can fit up to six players in each race, and Gameloft intends to arrange special events in the future.



They’ve yet to tie a date to the game, but the trailer ends with the words, “available soon.” That could mean a number of things, of course, but I suspect we’ll be seeing it before the end of next month. Surely they’re racing to bring it to Android and iOS, right? I’ll stop now.