Continue your journey with Rick, Vanessa, and Yuki in Alpha Kimori Episode 2

It’s time to return to the story of Rick Brightheart and the planet Kimori. If this is your first time playing Alpha Kimori, I highly recommend you check out the first episode of the game. While you can watch a short recap of the story when you begin Episode 2, you’ll miss out on a lot of it. Also, if you have played Alpha Kimori Episode 1, you will be able to import your party at their current level and also receive a bonus item that can help you out in several of the boss fights.

Alpha Kimori is set 50 years after aliens have invaded Earth. The people of Earth settled on the planet Kimori and divided into two warring factions. The Bidarians wish to return to Earth and reclaim it. To do this they harvest Ki Crystals from the land and animals. The Jinrians wish to stay on Kimori and try to protect the land and its animals from the Bidarians. This has led the two sides to constantly be at war.

Alpha Kimori Episode 2 begins exactly where Episode 1 left off. You and your party are running for your lives and end up in a series of caves. Rick is having a crisis of faith at this point, as everything he has believed has been unraveling and he feels he is being manipulated by Elder Evlar and Yuki. Very quickly, your party begins to fall apart. Rick and Elder Evlar leave the party and Vanessa and Yuki are left to fend for themselves. You will be switching between the two parties for about half the game.

The story is very involved and, at times, hard to follow. If it’s been some time since you played the first game, I highly recommend you watch the intro when you begin Episode 2. There are quite a few plot twists in the game, and if you aren’t paying close attention to the storyline, some of them won’t make a lot of sense. By the end of the game the threads all start coming together though. Of course that is when the game ends, leaving you waiting for the next episode. Just like the previous installment, it ends at just the right point (although I really wish it had continued).

 Episode Two

Alpha Kimori Episode 2 is an RPG in the same style as the Aveyond and Millenium series. As such, you will be battling numerous creatures and leveling up your characters. You can see all the monsters on the screen, and while some are passive and easy to avoid, others will follow you and attack. You can avoid fights if you want to, but I don’t recommend doing so. Otherwise you’ll find yourself in a predicament where you have to fight the same battle over and over because your party keeps getting wiped out, or you’ll have to backtrack and do some serious grinding. There is no shortage of monsters to fight, so leveling up should not be a problem.

The graphics are 2D and done in an anime style. The world is bright and varied. You’ll be visiting many different locations, from a tropical jungle to a village located in the trees. You’ll visit volcanic caves and futuristic cities, and meet a variety of characters. And some of them will join you on your journey, if only temporarily.

Since the game is fairly linear you won’t be able to do a lot of exploration. You will find areas blocked off so that you are forced to follow the main quest line. But since there aren’t really any side quests to pursue, so it’s pretty much a non-issue.

If you are a fan of the first game, I highly recommend you continue your journey. If you haven’t played the first game yet, I suggest you play it first as the story may not make a lot of sense. All in all, Alpha Kimori Episode 2 is an excellent continuation of the series, and I cannot wait to discover what happens in Episode 3.