Colonize a world beyond the stars with Cosmic Colony

It’s a safe bet that when homosapiens finally gains the ability to soar beyond the stars, nobody in the universe is going to want Earthlings for neighbors. Of course, that’s not going to stop humanity from jamming its foot in the door just before it can shut in its face. Cosmic Colony for iOS and Android is a colony-building game. If you play, make sure you build recklessly, pollute, hog resources, and play loud music at all hours. Do humanity proud!

Cosmic Colony is a Gameloft title that begins with the exploration and colonization of a distant planet called Mochwoi. As you expand humanity’s claim on the alien world, you also gain the ability to study the planet’s landmarks, interact with friends’ colonies, and explore far away worlds in hopes of discovering artifacts.

Moreover, you need to deal with space-related disasters, like falling meteorites and nosy UFOs that are bent on having a close encounter of an unwanted kind with your colony’s inhabitants. Sheesh, sometimes it’s better to just stay at home. And by “home,” we mean “the Blue Planet.”

Cosmic Colony

Cosmic Colony

Cosmic Colony is coming soon to iOS and Android. Strap yourself into your space transportation vessel, and make sure to use the bathroom before blast off.