Here, fishy fishy fishy—land the big ones with GREE’s Fishing Star

Some people from the more aged generation would be absolutely floored by the very idea of an app that simulates fishing. “Why, in my day,” they’d say, “we went fishing for real! None of this i-Droid stuff!” Actually, they’d just throw explosives into the fishing pond and harvest the dead bodies, so don’t let their preaching for “real sportsmanship” get in the way of enjoying GREE’s Fishing Star for iOS.

Fishing Star Fishing Star

Fishing Star is a full fishing experience, minus the mosquito bites and opportunities for getting a fishhook stuck in your finger. You utilize a large range of tackle and bait to catch hundreds of different fish species. When you catch a fish, it’s added to your fish catalogue. Aspire to catch ’em all—it’s like a semi-realistic version of Pokemon, but with species that you can actually eat (in theory!).

When a fish swims into range of your hook, you simply tap the screen to start reeling it in. As you reel in more fish, you also unlock more fishing spots that are populated by bigger, tougher fish. Though you may be tempted, we recommend against coating your iOS device in batter, throwing it in a deep fryer, and consuming it.

Fishing Star Fishing Star

Fishing Star will be available soon. In the meantime, dust off your lucky fishing hat and start working on some good fish stories.