Drum like a hero with Drum Fanatics

Of all the apps that have been developed since the advent of the iPhone and the iPad, drum pad apps are what apartment dwellers should fall on their knees and be most thankful for. Said programs accurately emulate the boom-boom-pow of a good drum set, but the sound doesn’t rattle doors or leak through the walls. Drum Fanatics is just one more way that you can keep drumming while staying friends with your neighbors.

Drum Fanatics by JPNSOFT lets you tap your fingers to a variety of rocking songs. The game works quite a bit like the Guitar Hero games: colored dots slide by on the upper portion of the screen, and you must touch the similarly-colored drum on the bottom portion of the screen to make a wicked beat. If you can hit all the cues at the proper time, you’ll be jammin’. If you screw up and miss too many cues, you get booed off the stage, and possibly sacrificed to appease the angry spirit of Neil Peart (the fact that he is still alive is irrelevant. The sacrifice must occur).

Drum Fanatics also lets you buy new drum sets and new songs to drum along with via in-app purchases. So if you get tired of going boom-boom-pow, you can switch things up and go thud-thud-boom.

Drum Fanatics

Drum Fanatics hits iOS on July 4th, and once you have the app, you can hit it in turn.