Fight monsters and friends alike with Japan’s hit card-battling game, Driland

Know what’s awesome? Treasure is awesome. Know what gets in the way of treasure? Monsters. Know what you need to do? Kick some monster butt and collect treasure. GREE’s Driland is an iOS card-battling game that involves crawling around in dungeons and slaying the beasties who get between you and your shiny rewards. If you’re an aspiring treasure hunter and/or hero, it’s exactly what you need.

Driland Driland

Driland is already a hit in Japan; the free-to-play online card game brings in $26 million a month in its home country, so it’s no wonder that GREE is hoping that it’ll likewise catch on in North America. Players use cards that are infused with the souls of legendary hunters to fight monsters and collect loot. You can also team up to take down the super-strong baddies—and you can fight against other players, as well. You can even combine your cards to make stronger ones.

GREE adds content to Driland daily in Japan, and it’s a sure bet the same will be true for North America. Will you hunt with your friends, turn on them, or play up the lone wolf stereotype? Take your time and think about it, but not too much time: GREE’s Driland has just hit the App Store, so decide on a fighting style before opponents find you and kick your feet out from under you.