Fun fact: zombies are brilliant strategists. Tell your friends!

I consider myself to be, at the very least, a moderate expert on the topic of quests. I’ve quested quests of all varieties in the world of video games, from rescuing the princess to rubbing elbows with flying whales in the majesty of space. Yet, as I’m now realizing, I’ve never gone on an Othello-esque quest that featured zombies and other such monsters. Fortunately, the upcoming Zombie Quest for Mac, iPhone and iPad is aiming to remedy that.

Zombie Quest is a game that combines two of the most important elements of video games: absurdity and strategy. Absurd because your pawns are zombies and other such minions, and strategic because you have to plan out your moves if you want to win. Players will go head-to-head against a league of quintessential bad guys – ranging from Dracula to Frankenstein’s Monster – in a battle of wits.

I imagine this kind of scenario is nothing short of a dream come true for bookworms everywhere, which isn’t to say that sort of context will be necessary to enjoy the game. Judging by the screenshots and trailer, it’s shaping up to be a game that appeals to anyone with an appreciation for strategy games. Or for zombies. Who doesn’t love those?

Zombie Quest

Zombie Quest

And like all (or most, I’m flexible) good strategy games, local multiplayer will also be an option. As fun as it can be to laugh at your friends who don’t have any sort of iDevice, the game can be played against others on just a single device. Just make sure they wash their hands before you start. That’s never a fun lesson to learn.

Zombie Quest will be hitting the App Store on June 7th, a day that I’m certain maintains some sort of strategic importance. Because this is a strategy game. You get it?

I’ll see myself out…