Hunker down for another RPG set in post-apocalyptic …Sweden?

Looking at the history of human interaction, it’s my opinion that if a rogue asteroid doesn’t destroy the Earth, then we’ll destroy ourselves over some petty arguments or beliefs. If it ever comes to that and anything is left alive, than the worlds envisioned in games like Fallout might become a reality. In the upcoming PC action/strategy RPG Krater, you’ll roam around a post-apocalyptic world built on top of a mysterious, mystical crater created by a huge bomb.

Krater differentiates itself from your typical “brown” post-apocalyptic game by creating a bright, colorful world populated with nordic forests and red wooden cottages. Cities and nations have risen from the ashes to thrive on the almost magically-enriched soil left behind. At the center of it all is a hole that goes farther into the Earth than anyone has ever been able to dig.

In this blend of combat from action RPGs and the top-down strategy of game like X-Com or Syndicate, the world of Krater reveals itself as you explore the massive areas available to you. You’ll be able to build up your team with persistent experience and injuries, and extensive crafting capabilities. Everything you do for this is building towards the final goal of exploring the big hole at the center, as the game transforms into an almost infinitely-generating dungeon crawler.



Single player and multiplayer co-op progression bounces back and forth, ensuring that you won’t be retreading areas as you seamlessly switch between the two. Both screenshots and in-game footage show off what already looks like a highly polished experience with a focused style. Krater can be preordered on Steam, now so that you’re ready to start building your team of Freediggers when the game launches on June 12th.