Move over, tower defense – cow(er) defense is the next big thing

How do you play tower defense games? Do you unleash all-out offensive attacks every chance? Or do you go on the defense and place troops and towers all over the playing field? It’s a question worth pondering, given the tall order the upcoming PC game Beware Planet Earth! Is looking to have you fill. That order, if the name doesn’t give it away, is saving the world. Or at least the cows that inhabit it.

There are many things that threaten the earth. Climate change, war, dormant volcanoes – the list is long, not to mention kind of a bummer. As serious as all of these issues are, not all of them function well as video game antagonists. That’s exactly why Lightmare Studio has chosen little green aliens to be the nemesis, and farmer Barney’s cows to be the object of their desire.

Seriously, why are farmers always the ones to suffer when the aliens come? Crop circles may look neat, but that’s a whole lot of wheat/corn/what have you they’re destroying to make them. All is well, though, as players will have an arsenal of powerful machines at their disposal, including the delightfully punny “Helicowpter.” Seriously, just sit back and appreciate that one for a bit.

Beware Planet Earth!

Beware Planet Earth!

Because a good game requires more than just puns (or so they tell me), Beware Planet Earth! will also contain a story mode featuring 46 levels spread out over 4 different seasons. I can’t say with any certainty, but I have a distinct feeling one of those seasons will be winter.

I’ll be the first to admit the tower defense genre is a crowded one, but Beware Planet Earth! is shaping up to be a game that stands out amongst the crowd. We’ll know when the game arrives on an Internet near you later this year.