Race against your pals for bounty money in Bounty Racer

Ever notice how, in a lot of racing games, you fly through the air almost as much as you drive on a surface? I mean, it’s easy to understand why: flinging your car through the air is fun, while driving on roads is for old people. Fortunately, Bounty Racer is an iOS racing game that gives you plenty of airtime with the help of some uneven dirt roads. Yee-haw!

Bounty Racer is a 3D arcade-style off road racing game that revs through four racing leagues, five game modes, and 72 unique levels. You careen across different terrain with the aid of tilt and touch controls, and with the aid of Game Center, you can win bounties for beating your friends’ best times. That’s all it takes, so put away your bounty hunting pants and your gun: you’re not going after anyone’s head this time.

If you’d rather not focus on beating scores, you can opt for some old-fashioned racing. Bounty Racer allows up to four players to compete via online multiplayer. If you do well, you can post your triumph on the Game Center leaderboards, or even upload replays to Game Center and/or YouTube.

Bounty Racer

Bounty Racer

Bounty Racer doesn’t have a final release date yet, so stay with Gamezebo for more information on the game as it becomes available—and you may as well try for your bounty hunting license in the meantime.