Mad Acorn is a squirrelly mix of rhythm, music, and action

Can a squirrel take down a rampaging gorilla? It’s possible, if he has the power of music on his side. Mad Acorn is a rhythm/action game for iOS that combines funky beats with a sense of humor and general good times. Fans of Nintendo’s Rhythm Heaven games or Sony’s PaRappa the Rapper might find a lot to like about this one.

Mad Acorn stars a frenzied squirrel who’s gotten himself into a predicament—the kind that requires him to beat up renegade gorillas, rats, and gigantic Venus fly traps. Fighting isn’t as simple as throwing a punch, though: the titular Mad Acorn gets through stages by moving along to the background beat. This is where you and your tapping finger come in. Depending on the situation, you either need to tap rapidly to help Mad Acorn along, or you need to perform a “touch and hold” maneuver.

Each stage has its own thematic music. One stage titled “Burning Bridge” has you jumping along to Europop music, whereas another stage called “Boogie Train” has you grooving to disco (what else?). As you play, you can rack up achievements and boast about them on Facebook. Next time your sibling posts a picture of the doe-eyed puppy he rescued from a burning building, you can counter with hard proof that you subdued animal gangsters with fresh rhymes.

Mad AcornMad Acorn

Mad Acorn hits the App Store worldwide on June 5. Oontz, oontz, oontz.