So you’ve been destroying the Pygmies of Pocket God as frequently and casually as mosquitoes on a hot summer afternoon. Over forty unique additions and updates to the series have brought your omnipotent power to islands, underwater, space, and time, but Bolt Creative’s newest update brings the islanders where no Pygmy has gone before:

The dance floor.

The 45th update to Pocket Godis coming soon, and it brings the first minigame since “Battle of the Gods”: Dance Dance Execution! In a timing-based game that rivals the likes of Dance Dance Revolution, you must tap icons in order as they appear on the screen. If the Pygmies want to survive the wrath of the gods, they’ll have to (literally) dance for their lives.

This isn’t just your average party. Aside from over-the-top breakdancing and popping/locking, laughing gas-filled balloons will leave unsuspecting partygoers in a surprisingly relaxed state. Ever wish your Pygmies would break into a frenzy similar to a certain viral video at the dentist? Now you can!

Players who want to see their Pygmies getting down even farther can now purchase the additional add-on, Dance Pack Three. In addition to some dance classics like YMCA and MC Hammer, this pack will also include the official Pocket God theme song, performed by nerdcore star Perry Gripp.

Check out Pocket God here if you haven’t tried this addictive power sim. It looks like the Pygmies will have plenty of ways to party hard, all Summer long.