Soctics League

Soccer. Football. Fútbol. Magic Kicky-Ball Time. Whatever you want to call the sport, Soctics League for iOS and Mac OS X takes the traditional formula and turns it on its head by implementing turn-based mechanics. Turn-based battles: they’re not just for slaying dragons anymore!

With Soctics League, you can take on your best friend with some one-on-one soccer action. You can also play alone, or you can play online via Game Center. If you’re really confident, you can join the game’s online community and pal up with a stranger by entering a tournament.

The game’s tactical depth is strengthened by the inclusion of three different player types, and a “Binocular” feature that predicts where the ball will go at the end of a turn. And, of course, your fans are on-hand to cheer or heckle you as necessary.

Thanks to Soctics League’s “SmartCrowd” feature, your fanbase reacts realistically to events on the pitch (so beware of flying beer bottles). If you’d like to have a go at being in the stands, you can enter the game’s “Spectator Mode” to cheer on your friends and learn new strategies as they play.

Soctics League Soctics League

Soctics League will be available on May 31, so stay tuned to Gamezebo for more information on the game as it becomes available. You may luck out and bear witness to an epic soccer riot, too.