Hack and slash through dungeons on iOS

Shhh, listen. Hear that? It’s the call of the heroes, and it’s coming to your iOS device. Heroes Call is an adventure role-playing game that should be familiar territory to fans of the Diablo series. You navigate dark and slimy corridors and take down wave after wave of the kinds of creatures that prefer such accommodations, including orcs, ogres, and other creatures that typically make poor neighbors.

Best of all, the opportunity to inflict suffering on them—and to have said suffering inflicted upon you, in turn—is free!

Heroes Call expands across 30 levels and 40 quests. The quests play out in a different order for each player, so every dungeon-crawl is a new experience. All the necessary role-playing tropes are on hand, so get ready for a huge roster of deadly monsters and crawlies, a deep leveling-up system, and tons of loot and gear to collect and equip. In other words, Heroes Call is adventure role-playing in its most primal form.

Heroes Call

Heroes Call

The game features 3D Retina graphics. All the better for those crimson jets of blood that go flying from your foes—and from your own wounds, if you’re having a particularly bad day. Heroes Call is built from the ground-up for touch controls, so go ahead and wreck those zombies without having to worry about being tripped up by a shoddy virtual d-pad.

Heroes Call hits the App Store as a free download on May 31. Blood, loot, and glory.