Save the world once again in Divina, the new free-to-play MMO coming later this year

The free-to-play MMO scene is already pretty crowded, but Divinia‘s backstory is certainly intriguing. With Yggdrasil dying because of a war between the Gods, led by Odin, and the Demons, commanded by Loki, it’s up to the last surviving humans to enter the Gate of Time and return to the past, where they will fight to stave off Ragnarok and save their home.

The truth may not be what it first appears, and soon the human’s ultimate choice must be made: save the world – or save themselves.

As usual in MMOs, Divina players will choose between one of a number of classes, including fighter, cleric, machinist, sorcerer and assassin, but will also be able to select a secondary class later on in the game. Players can then use “Exchange Points” to swap between the two at will, even in the midst of battle. Accompanying them on their journeys will be “Sidekicks,” trusty AI-controlled companions who will gain levels, attributes and skills as the game progresses, just like a real player.

Divinia promises hundreds of monsters to battle and thousands of quests to complete. Guilds will be supported, allowing players to travel and adventure with friends and like-minded fellows, and a robust player-versus-player system will also be on the table.



Players can opt out of PvP combat but may still be attacked by their friends, although there’s no penalty for falling victim to such an attack. Those of a more anti-social bent can make a name for themselves killing “White” (non-PvP) players, but will suffer increasing “death penalties” as their notoriety grows.

There’s no official word on when Divina will be released to the public, but a closed beta stress test wrapped up earlier this month. All reports went very well, so barring unforeseen trouble, expect to see something by the end of the year. For now, you can find out more by checking out