Only a fowl can travel waters this foul

Forget that James Cameron has travelled to the deepest part of the ocean earlier this year; much of the existing life undersea remains a mystery. Yet, there remains an untapped underwater exploration device that just might help us undercover the depths below: the chicken. What?

Don’t ask us: ask French developer Casual Box, creators of Geisha: The Secret Garden and Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost. In a departure from the studio’s usual realm, they’ll be pushing their first mobile release, Chicken Deep, later this June.

In a gameplay that can best be described as an upside-down Doodle Jump, players control one of four deep sea chickens in an attempt to dive as low as possible. The default explorer, “Deeper Chicken”, needs to hit as many bubbles as possible in order to retain buoyancy.

This first chicken will be available to all players for free, but his three friends can be unlocked through a single in-app purchase. “Blitz Chicken” doesn’t require bubbles for buoyancy, but can only travel at a maximum of 90 seconds. “Skuba Chicken” is faster than his feathered brethren, but requires bubbles to constantly fill his oxygen tank. Last but not least, “Challenge Chicken” is powered by in-game missions in order to get score multipliers.

Chicken Deep Chicken Deep

Chicken Deep Chicken Deep

As each fowl takes its fateful plunge, players can salvage submarine pieces, dodge dangerous sea creatures, view score analytics, and wear a bikini. We’re not touching that one with a ten-foot pole, but it’s a legit in-game power-up.

Players looking to dive into this new iOS adventure needn’t wait long; it’s set for release soon next month. Android gamers needn’t get their feathers ruffled, either: a port is expected shortly afterward.