We loved the whimsical and adorable adventures of the original Toki Tori back in 2009, and we can’t wait for Toki Tori 2 to launch soon. If you’re as anxious to bring the world’s bravest chicken back into action as we are, it looks like you can help make it happen!

Toki Tori 2‘s developer, Two Tribes, will be the first indie company to use Steam Workshop, the Steam platform’s intuitive way for developing and distributing custom levels. With the launch of Steam Workshop to third party companies, Two Tribes decided that they now have the perfect tools on their hands to open level editing to the public.

Speaking of opening level editing to the public, Two Tribes is literally bringing their game out to anybody that wants to give it a spin – before it releases! They’re extremely open about allowing fans to become a part of the development process themselves, and are opening up level editor testing over Steam to anyone that is interested.

Are you one of said interested people? Send an email to [email protected] and let them know that you’d like to try out their level editor and help them out! By reaching out to their dedicated fan base, Two Tribes is hoping to make their much-anticipated sequel better than ever.

Players eager to help a developer with a little bit of feedback of their own should check out this blog post here for more information. In addition to their video that we’ve posted, you can learn a little bit more about Two Tribes’ plans to integrate Steam Workshop into their game. Have fun!