Make the undead even deader with Besieged 2

Never open your door for the undead. They’ll eat all your grub, clog your toilet, and play their awful music loud enough to get the police on your tail. But how does one protect their abode against visits from the damned? Besieged 2, coming soon for iOS and Android, will teach you how to build up your castle and arm yourself against these unwanted guests.

Besieged 2 is the follow-up to Besieged,a popular castle defense game that was released in 2009. Fans will be happy (or exasperated) to learn that Besieged 2 contains some familiar, fleshless faces: the skeleton warriors are back, led by General Skel. General Skel has an endless supply of these rascals, to say nothing of platoons of giants, red knights, wizards, and bombers.

You need to build up your castle and your kingdom against Skel’s onslaught. You can also find stones, coins, and diamonds that will help you build up an arsenal of enchanted arrows, including flame, frost, and lightning arrows. How can arrows possibly damage skeletons instead of merely slipping through their bones? It just works. Don’t question it.

Besieged 2

Besieged 2

Besieged 2 also has a social element: you can share your high scores and achievements on Facebook. So what if your best friend just had a new baby? You turned 500 skeletons into so many piles of dog food.

Besieged 2 hits the App Store and Google Play in June. Keep close to Gamezebo for more information as it comes, and don’t make friends with the undead, even if they bring a bottle of tequila.