Get ready for some head-to-head fun with OLO

One of the greatest contributions the iPad has made to mobile gaming is the ease with which people can play multiplayer games on just one device. Fruit Ninja was the game that introduced myself and many others to this wonder, but the upcoming OLO from developer Sennep just might be the one that blows us all away.


OLO is best described as a modern spin on the classic game of air hockey, with the goal zone existing in the center of the playing field. Players take turns trying to flick OLOs into their designated area, all the while doing what’s necessary to keep other players from landing OLOs in theirs. It’s basically a one-way ticket to arguing with your friends.

Though boasting a very minimalistic visual style, it sounds like there will be a lot of nuance to OLO‘s (local and online) multiplayer-focused gameplay. If a player overshoots their OLO piece, it becomes the property of the opponent. On the flip side, if an OLO of your own makes its way back to your home zone, then you’re free to use it again. But each piece can only be reused three times, meaning players have to put a lot of thought into where and how they intend to flick them.


Sennep’s work extends well beyond just developing games. In fact, they’re best known for the design work they’ve done, from websites to installations. That pedigree shows in OLO, a game that successfully nails the “less is more” approach so many developers fail to pull off.

OLO is hitting the App Store on May 31, a date that many will surely remember as, “the day I punched my smug friend in the face.”