Mobbles asks you to catch’em all, then love’em all like family

You know what’s a fun word to say? Mobbles. Coincidentally, it’s also the name of a game! Arriving on Android and iOS on May 30, Mobbles (still fun to say) is best described as Tamagotchi with attitude. Whereas the original virtual pets did little more than hop around and drop poo everywhere, the creatures in Mobbles (which are also called Mobbles (Mobbles!)) adopt more exciting habits. Like skateboarding!

Not content with letting the comparisons stop there, the game also possesses a few similarities to the Pokemon series, such as the catching of creatures. The key difference between the two lies in Mobbles‘ reliance on real-life locations, with certain monsters only being available in specific locales. Some creatures, for example, can only be caught near the great pyramids (field trip!) Thankfully, those who would rather not explore the great outdoors in search of Mobbles will have the option of just purchasing eggs.

Mobbles Mobbles

To break down that Tamagotchi comparison a bit, players will be in charge of feeding, playing with, washing and caring for the Mobbles in their possession. Properly doing so leads to a few key things: a not-dead Mobble, and the acquisition of crystals. These crystals can then be used to purchase items like food, clothes, rooms and eggs.

Every Mobble in the game possesses a theme and universe dedicated to it, with clothing tailored to match. One Mobble’s theme, for example, is Hawaii. Ostensibly, its closet will look similar to that of my father’s while on vacation.

There will also be social elements at work, as players have the ability to view the Mobbles of their friends as well as trade amongst one another. This feature sounds particularly interesting, in light of the fact that Mobbles you capture are removed from the world and no longer attainable by friends or others around you. And if you really want to add salt to that wound, the game will award you in-game money whenever you broadcast on Facebook that you’ve added a new Mobble to your clan.

Mobbles Mobbles

If you properly take care of your creatures, a point will arrive when they reach level five. Once they hit that landmark, they become “adopted” and no longer require care. It’s like when you have kids and they go off to college, only you’ll still have enough control over your Mobbles to dress them up in funny outfits and laugh at them. Oh, the fun.

The game will launch with 50+ creatures available, but more will be added to the game on a weekly basis. It’s shaping to be a game that offers something nostalgic for former Tamagotchi owners, as well as something a little more modern and enjoyable for the rest of us.