Gamezebo gets an exclusive first look at Office Attacks

Nobody likes being the new guy. You get a tiny cubicle, minimal benefits, and everyone sees you as a great source to dump work on. What are you going to do, say no? You’re the new guy, and you very desperately want to keep your job.

Meet Steve. He’s a new guy, too. Despite reaching his ultimate dream job, the life of a game developer isn’t nearly as luxurious as it seems. Steve is so loaded from everyone else’s busy work that he’s about ready to crack. The only difference between Steve and the average 9-to-5 employee? He’s got a little mad scientist in him.

Office Attacks

Introducing the Gamezebo-exclusive coverage of Arctic Empire’s Office Attacks, the tower defense game where your goal is to decimate your fellow co-workers and keep your sanity. By tactically combining each and every piece of office equipment into a lethal weapon, it’s up to you to make sure Steve can maintain a peaceful working environment.

By both unleashing Steve’s office mutations and building your own, you can keep those pesky co-workers at bay. By combining classic workplace assets like pencil sharpeners, water coolers, trash cans, and more, you can construct over 90,000 unique towers.

Office Attacks

Completing levels, high scores, and specific difficulties will award you with more and more workplace materials to mess with, creating towers entirely unique to your creative desires. While many supplies will be obtainable for free, purchasable piles of in-game currency (ChaChings) can be traded in for packs of rare tower parts.

Get a part you don’t particularly want? Office Attacks will also offer a complete tower part marketplace where players can exchange parts online. Tower defense doesn’t get any more customizable than this.

Office Attacks

In addition to the zany office warfare, no modern business satire would be complete without the centerpiece to our daily lives: an in-game iPhone. With minigames designed to parody the most popular phone and tablet games today and power up your towers, there’s an absolutely silly amount of technology trashing to be done.

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