AviNation takes flight across multiple social platforms

When you stop to think about it, the pursuit of human flight is a miraculous tale. How humanity has discovered that they could take to the skies with the aid of machinery is nothing short of remarkable. Checkpoint Studios’ new social game, AviNation, aims to take this patch of discovery and transform it into an exciting and addicting interactive medium.

True to both its subject matter and philosophy, AviNation is aiming to reach new heights for social gaming. “When I first started playing social games, I was frustrated by what I felt was a lack of quality and real game play in so many of the titles. The click-reward-repeat nature felt more like an activity or social chore than a game and, while there’s clearly an audience for that, I know we can do better,” said Brian Wiklem, CEO and Founder of Checkpoint Studios.


The world of AviNation follows the development of flight from the 1930’s to present day, allowing players to develop their own system of airports, vehicles, and missions along the decades. With over 250 authentic aircraft models to buy and sell, Checkpoint hopes to create a 3D world that’s both historical and fun.

Players can develop their airports in a variety of ways, through simulations, story-based missions, puzzles, or building. By offering a wide collection of ways to play, fans of several different genres and join together in order to trade and cooperate with their friends over social networks.


Speaking of social networks, Checkpoint aims to use their new Boomerang technology in order to make the game truly social over multiple networks. While the game launches for Facebook this June, versions for iOS and Android will follow in mid-to-late Summer. The mobile and Facebook versions will integrate with one another, allowing players to enjoy their experience on multiple platforms without having to build a new airline empire from scratch.

Whatever devices you own, AviNation will be soaring to all of them by the end of this Summer. For more information, check out Checkpoint Studio’s blog for news until launch later this June.